Welcome to the LSI blog….

This forum has been created for you to ask questions, voice your opinion, make recommendations and share information. We are looking forward to your valuable input.


5 responses to “Welcome to the LSI blog….

  1. Looks like I’m the first….really enjoyed the session at Blue Valley…I think the concept is good and has business merit. I think it might be worth considering putting together a further info pack which captures the pertinent points presented by Fred, for circulation to registered members ? I acknowledge that the pack we received was very informative, but the are some elements e.g. the fees, commission structures, etc which will be of interest to all members as well…

      • Ok great stuff….also I think it might be worthwhile to add the blogging option to the website, as some folks might struggle with the wordpress blogging interface….I also have a wordpress website so it was easy for me, but might not be so for others……the option to include a blog on the website is very easy to do, and your website developer should be able to implement it very quickly…..best regards Mike

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